Disconnecting Stress — Inci Jones Artist

Disconnecting Stress in Your Life

Who in the world has stress today? Raise your hands. I would be fibbing if I told you — Not me. Managing stress is really all about stress management and it is important for everyone in our hectic world these days. Take a moment to notice if you, like me…

How many times have you looked at someone’s life from the outside and they seemed so perfect, well…blessed? Everything goes their way. All the opportunities just show up. Then, you look at your life, and it just doesn’t measure up. Even though we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, we do…

There have been a few times in my life when I’ve jumped head first into a decision without really over-analyzing the situation *like I normally do*. Instead, I went with my “gut instinct”. In those times I often wondered, “How the h*ll did I do that?” …

Falling in Place | Inci Jones Artist

Falling In Place

What does serendipity + a cumulation of experience & energy = ?

This is an equation that has brought some to the hamster wheel of never realizing the dreams they would like in life. …

Permission to Dream — Mixed Media | Inci Jones Artist

Permission to Dream

Do dreams interfere with reality? When do you stop chasing the “easy fix” to your life? When do you actually begin to chase your dreams instead of being responsible?

Many times our dream life vs our life in reality can be majorly different. But why is that? Why do we…

Love is Not a Season

mixed media






There have been thousands of books written on the subject of love. From William Shakespeare, the Brontë sisters to Nicholas Sparks, a romance novel expounds the trials and tribulations of love. Everyone wants to experience the feeling of love and being loved. …

Inci Jones

Artist - writer -author Creating with Art & Words for Myself and Others. Cohost of ThoughtRowPodcast.com https://linktr.ee/incijonesartist

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